CCT NEWS - Kora Traveling

A Comment On Current Topics is the title of Sebastian's bachelor project. It is a fictional TV program called CCT news. It provides the ability to respond to current issues and learn new techniques in the form of moving image.

cct 1
CCT NEWS - McDemocrat
cct 2
CCT NEWS - World Cup 2022
cct 3
CCT NEWS - Pasta Italia
cct 4
CCT NEWS - Grand Crise
cct 5
CCT NEWS - Mission: Impossible
cct 6

HC Challenge is an initiative of HollandCentraal to promote both the creativity and the skills of the employees. After establishing a theme every employee has the opportunity to seek his own challenge.

STEPHEN EMMER FEAT. KAZU MAKINO - Listen, the snow is falling (Part 1)

As part of the studies at the AKI in Enschede, the students were given the assignment to produce video clips for the album Recitement by Stephen Emmer. 'Listen, the snow is falling (Part 1)' is the first track of the album.