Nederland 3 Pitch
Typo Ident

To redesign the on-air design of Nederland 3 a concept has been developed that extends beyond the TV out to the app on the phone. Thus, TV, internet and app fill at each other both visually and content. The system, which is based on our previously developed Promo Design offers the possibility to create idents and promos up to date.

Client: NPO
Agency: HollandCentraal
Art Direction & Design & Animation: Frank Engeman, Sebastian Schneider

ned3 pitch 1
Promo Ident
ned3 pitch 2
ned3 pitch 3
ned3 pitch 4
ned3 pitch 5
ned3 pitch 6
Twitter Promo
ned3 pitch 7
ned3 pitch 8
ned3 pitch 9
ned3 pitch 10